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Our Relationship With Cetera

Recently, I changed firms. You may wonder why I made this move and whether it will affect your account

I’ll still be your go-to financial advisor. My No. 1 priority is still to help you reach your  investment goals and aspirations. And the nature of our relationship remains intact. Your accounts will be moved to reflect my new firm and I will work with you to ensure no disruption to the account features and services you enjoy today.

Cetera Advisor Networks allows me to serve you in an effective, compliant and conflict-free manner. Here are some highlights of how my new broker-dealer relationship enhances ours:

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Managing Your Wealth

Advanced Planning Group

When it comes to all your technical, tax-related and legal questions, Cetera’s Advanced Planning Group can assist me with obtaining answers to queries you may have. Their highly credentialed legal and financial professionals will respond promptly to me and help form accurate and sophisticated solutions on a variety of planning issues including wealth transfer and estates, stock options and business succession.


I also gain informed investment advice and insights from Cetera’s Research department. Their quarterly recaps, asset allocation portfolios and market outlooks provide us with a jumping-off point to discuss how to pursue your financial goals and objectives.

Advisory Services

Additionally, my firm provides access to a selection of award-winning advisory programs that offer customized  wealth management investment products, feature elite institutional portfolio strategists, and provide the flexibility to build portfolios that can help meet the investment goals we set together. These types of services offer regular, personalized communication, professional guidance, greater transparency and a more disciplined approach to investing

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